Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”  We believe before anything significant can happen, prayer must be the first weapon in our God-given arsenal.  As we work to build upon our foundation, to make some significant changes to turn the world upside down with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to continue the love movement Jesus started, we really need prayer, which is the lifeblood of the church.  Since we truly desire for God’s will to be done, please join us in praying for the following:
  • That God would strengthen us to be a people who rejoice greatly in pleasing Him
  • That God would give us even more opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people in the Baltimore-DC area and that he would reconcile individuals from all walks of life to himself through Jesus, restore families, reform the church and revitalize the community
  • That God would provide the essentials we need to fully function as a missional church (people, gifts/talents, space, finances, other resources, etc.)
  • That we will continually serve the Columbia, MD area, neighboring communities and any others the Lord lays on our hearts through the love of Christ and that they will know, through our interactions and our servanthood, that Jesus demonstrated his unconditional love for them through His life, death and resurrection